Patna: In the high tech era of science and technology, the age-old practice of writing letters to express ones feeling, love and emotion has become a passé. The era of romance which blossomed via the love letters and meaningful words of expression is unlikely to return.

The traditional way of starting a letter with the famous lines of a bollywood flick song…’Mere Sapno ki….’ or ending the letter with the golden words, ‘Sirf Tumhara’ are now reduced to memories. For one waiting for a letter of a loved one, the wait for khaki-dressed Postman (Dakiya) seemed endless. Taking a stroll to the local Post Office to check out about their letters had become a routine exercise for majority of the Indians.

Whether its rain or sun, the ‘Dakiya’ would cover difficult terrains on his bicycle or march on foot with his bag full of letters. There would be ordinary letters, registry, money orders or parcels. At several occasions he carried telegrams which had good news as well as the heart shattering ones. In villages, he performed additional duty of reading out the postcards or writing replies on behalf of those who could not read or write. 

Now, neither one has the time to write letters nor it holds any meaning. The love struck couple in rural belts these days are heavily dependent on mobiles – which not only helps in communicating but one can also capture his/her beloved’s picture and use the message service to communicate the feelings.

With the technological switchover of the world the essence of writing letter is losing its ground. ‘Writing letters’ have just confined within the school syllabus or in the political arena. The modern letters of the era in the name of SMS or e-mails have taken over the traditional communicating medium. Facebook or Twitter has emerged as the latest favourites of the youth.

The postman now visits the houses to drop the official statements or the telephone or electricity bills. The traditional letters remain only in our memories.