New Delhi: The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses have been tagged as ‘killer’ ones as the number of accidents in first three months has almost doubled against the figures of the same period of the last year.

From January-March 2010, 11 people were killed by the DTC buses whereas as many as 21 accidents were reported in the same months this year.

According to the transport department, 454 cases of violation of rules were reported from Jan 1-March31, 2010. The figures rose to 1, 799 in the same period this year. This year, 234 buses were impounded for violating the traffic norms while 39 buses were seized in the same period last year.

Sources said, “5, 000 drivers, who were hired last year, were on contract basis. Most of the drivers come from Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. Initially, they are recruited for three months and then the contract period is extended.”

After finding fake documents of the drivers, they were removed from the services. Many of them failed the skill test as well, sources said.

However, the corporation will now monitor those points where buses run fast. The officials have marked few places as well.

The department issued directions, if drivers are found over-speeding and over-taking they should be fined and their licences and identity card would be taken away. If the driver is found guilty more than once, he should be removed from the services.