Dotted with hundreds of acres of cashew trees, the Panrutti region here is popular for cashew growing and subsequent processes like shelling and grading before sale.
The role of labourers is significant as work like removing the outer shell from the nut is being done manually by them. However, after the rains the work has slowed down.
"We have little cashew processing work after the rains started last month", said V Shanmugam of Velanguppam village adding "there are no stocks on hand with growers and no arrivals from other markets".
"We own no cashew trees, we are paid wages according to the quantity we shell", he said. "Since there is no work now I am going to Andhra Pradesh for some other work", he added.
Along with him, some other villagers too are set to go to Eluru near Vijayawada for work related to broom-making.

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