The recent Wikileaks disclosure has not only put the Indian politics to shame, but has also embarrassed Indian democracy and the nation. The display of large amounts of cash in the Lok Sabha in 2008 clearly showed the means adopted by UPA Government to garner trust vote for the Indo-US nuclear deal. If now, the confidential US diplomatic message unravels the huge payoffs made to MPs to ensure majority for the Congress-led government, there is no ground to doubt this leaked information. Moreover, the great interest of American diplomats to know if UPA government will be able to garner confidence for Indo-US nuke deal is natural considering their restlessness about the accord. It is true that a probe was ordered in the cash-for-votes case. But from the very first day it was feared that the probe has been initiated only for the namesake to put a cover on the case. Ultimately, this fear turned out to be true as the case is pending with the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police and no chargesheet has been filed as yet. It is preposterous for the Central government to attempt to brush away the cash-for-votes scam by contending that the cash payment to buy MPs for vote of confidence was related to the 14th Lok Sabha and the present government is responsible only for the 15th Lok Sabha. Can there be a weaker and silly argument than this? If the India’s present government is not responsible for the shameful act conducted in the last Lok Sabha then government of which country should be held accountable? America?
There is no meaning of the government’s argument that the leaked conversation between America and its embassy is related to diplomatic immunity. Other than this, it is known by now that American diplomats make their conclusion on assured grounds only, usually, the source being details of direct communication between two individuals. It is the same in cash-for-votes scam. May be this is the reason why the government is saying that it can neither dismiss nor accept the US diplomatic message. This statement automatically proves that the truth cannot be dismissed. No matter how much the policy makers of Central government try to pull a curtain over the cash-for-votes scam, they cannot evade the embarrassment. Now, it is being understood why the government has been unable to act against corrupt elements and businessmen involved with black money? The Wikileaks disclosure confirms the assumption that such elements have their connections with people in the ruling government who are protecting them. Whether it is about gaining victory in an election by using money power or about cash-for-votes, both the cases show that Indian politics is being swallowed by quagmire of black money. Perhaps, this is the reason that despite corruption being the cause for embarrassment for the Central government many a times, it is still not trying to take concrete measures to control it. As such, it is not strange to comprehend that the Ombudsman Bill which the government is to implement for curbing corruption is too weak. No matter how much the Central government try to convince the common men about its political will-power to fight against corruption, the attempts will prove futile.