Bijnor: With cases of caste and religious biasness emerging on the surface frequently, the talks of India on a path of modernization and development appear to be a damp squib. In one such glaring example, children of an extremely backward village have not taken admission in the local school owing to the fact that the teacher does not belong to their caste.

Two academic sessions have passed but no student has enrolled in the primary school of the Shergarh village in Bijnor. After putting in much effort, the school administration was able to get four students to the school in the ongoing academic session.

The only reason children are abstaining from attending the school is for the fact that the teacher does not belong to their caste as it plays an important factor in the village. Villagers are strongly against any teacher belonging from any other caste or religion to teach their wards.

Situated at Moradabad-Bijnor highway, Shergarh Village was deprived of a school two years back. However, after the construction of primary school in the village, Mohammad Aslam was appointed as the Head Master.

Since, the village is dominated by Thakurs, villagers were against the appointment of teacher from outside their caste. After their demand of appointing another teacher of the same caste was not met, villagers stopped sending their children to the school.

According to Aslam, Basic Education Officer was informed about the state of the school but it failed to get any feedback.

According to Shergarh Gram Pradhan Mohan Singh, Aslam is the Head Master and Anjul Chauhan was appointed as the assistant teacher but she never went to school.

Villagers are demanding teachers of their own caste as it will encourage students to attend classes.

After visiting the school, Basic Education Officer Banwari Lal said only three students were found on the premises.