Bhopal: Caste, religion and poverty based census in Madhya Pradesh for the 12th 5-year-plan will begin from December 20. This will be done in three phases and will end on March 2.

For the first time, this task would not be given to teachers and around 52,000 state government employees of different departments would be involved in the process.

As per the information, in urban areas the Urban and Development department and in rural areas the Panchayat and Rural department would be responsible for the task.

The first phase of census would be carried out in 16 districts of Chambal, Gwalior and Indore region from December 20, 2011 to January 28, 2012.

The second phase would cover 19 districts under Ujjain, Bhoapl, Hoshangabad and Sagar region from January 9 to February 17 where as the third phase, which will commence on January 23 is slated to cover 15 districts under Rewa, Jabalpur and Shahdol region. This third and last phase will conclude on March 2.

For the first time, Handle Held Device (Tablet PC) will be used in the entire process. ITI qualified data entry operators would be placed into service.

In rural areas, facts related to residential address and residence address would be collected from each resident. Facts related to raw materials used in construction of a house, ownership, number of bedrooms, number of people residing, employment, total income of family, medium of income and assets would also be collected.

In urban areas, apart from all these information, other information related to technicalities would be compiled. The main source of income and information related to health services would also be recorded.

Training sessions at several levels has been started for the purpose. The government would also conduct day-long workshop on December 16 at Prashashan Academy, Bhopal. All Commissioners from the state, Collectors and Commissioners of Municipal Corporation would take part in December 16 workshop.

JPN/ Bureau