New Delhi (Agencies): Cricket and cricketers are no longer limited to the cricket field, now you can buy sell shares of your favourites cricketers.

With a virtual trading game, one can buy and sell shares of their favourite players. A complete portfolio of cricketers can be created and if the selected players perform well, one can get hold of the leader board.

Released on, users can either buy or sell the players they want. And there is also no restriction of 11 players and one can buy as many players as one wants.

The gross value of the shares for each of the players cannot exceed the cash the user has.

"The CricEx application enables cricket fans to express themselves and engage with the sport by empowering them to virtually trade their favourite cricketers. Soon users will be able to trade their players straight from their mobile phones too," says Rahul Razdan, president (products and operations) of Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd.

The player's outing in a match determines the change in price. A player performing well will cause the share price to move upwards and bad performance the opposite. The price of the player changes at the end of every over.

One can buy or sell players stocks anytime but the rates of the players would change only when a match is live. One gets an initial virtual money of Rs 10 lakh for buying stocks of players.