Beijing: It’s not usual when supernatural films come to life. A similar incident took place in China where caterpillars literally forced a train to stop. They created a movie like scene by carpeting the rail tracks and gumming up the wheels as it moved on crushing the insects.

In fact, engineers noticed that the train was taking more power to maintain its current speed as it entered a small valley in inner Mongolia region. The train slowed down and it
eventually stopped.
Rail police were called and to their utter surprise, they found the rail tracks were covered with caterpillars.

"It was in this big grove of apricot trees, all of which were positively ravaged by caterpillars," Fu Jianguo, one of the officers on the site, was quoted as saying.
Railway workers came to sweep the caterpillars away, allowing the train to continue on course.
"I've actually heard of insects coating the tracks and causing a short circuit, but this is the first time I've seen it in person," Fu said.