New Delhi: The e-commerce business is expanding its horizon in the country every day. So far, the online stores were normally being accessed to buy mobiles, car and real estate. With internet penetrating the far-flung areas of the country, advertisements for sale/purchase of cattle have also started to find its feet on the online space.

The online advertisement companies like Quikr and OLX are getting a big chunk of businesses from rural areas of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Assam and Uttar Pradesh. The advertisements include cattle as well. The buffaloes with short horns are available for sales at Rs 80,000 and ten cows of Holstein Friesian breed for Rs 6,00,000.

The CEO of Quikr Pranay Chulet said that metropolitan cities still remain their priority but there is significant rise in the business from tier-II and tier-III cities as well with the rise in internet penetration. Business contributions from smaller towns are getting close to 50 percent of the total business.

OLX has maximum users from metropolitan cities, but it is also expanding its business in developing areas. CEO Amarjit Batra said that there is a rising trend seen in two-tier cities like Jaipur, Surat and Cochin. These websites provide customers with an opportunity to make online purchase of different kinds of products. It is not really a big surprise that farmers are also taking advantage of the online medium for sale/purchase of cattle. According to the CEO, there is an encouraging response to the advertisement on cattle. There is a huge market for cattle in the rural areas.

According to Chulet, with the kind of response cattle advertisements have got, one thing has been proved that people are really serious about their cattle. These advertisements have got amazing response without any promotional support. The business of online advertisements is flourishing with ever-rising internet penetration. Apart from that, most of the companies are using this medium to save on the otherwise excessive marketing costs that they would have had to incur.


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