Lucknow: The unfolding of the CBI Investigation into the Lucknow and Varanasi airport scandals may very well open a can of worms as the investigating body has unraveled the involvement of engineers and top management of the Airports Authority of India including some political bigheads in the scam.

According to sources, the engineers were not just involved for monetary benefits but for tarnishing the image of the department as well. The CBI is now planning to question some senior officials in this regard.

After filing the case in the Varanasi airport apron (where passengers stand to board the plane) scam and runway construction scam on January 6, 2011, the CBI started its preliminary investigations. It acquired some crucial evidence in the raids conducted at Varanasi, Gaya, Xinjiang (Sikkim), Delhi and Lucknow on Tuesday.

The CBI found that planned tenders worth Rs 23.66 crore were accepted for the construction of the airport apron on May 15, 2008. While the cement rates were Rs 4,000 per metric tonne, it was rigged to Rs 5,611 per metric tonne in the tenders leading to manipulation of Rs 1.93 crore.

The CBI revealed that the quality of construction of apron and runway extension was also very poor as the apron was torn from inside at about hundred places.

In the Varanasi airport scam, the CBI has unearthed direct role of Technical Manger JL Marandi, Senior Manager Bhupinder Kumar Singh (now in Xinjiang) an officer stationed in Gaya, contractor Dhirendra Singh in Lucknow and a Delhi based construction agency.