New Delhi: Advocating strongly for keeping the independent entity of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), both CBI Director AP Singh and Central Vigilance Commissioner Pradeep Kumar opposed the idea of bringing the institutions under the proposed anti-graft Lokpal.

Opposing the idea of bringing CBI and CVC under the Lokpal ambit before the Parliamentary Standing Committee, Singh and Kumar laid emphasis on strengthening and empowering the functioning of both the institutions.

It should be mentioned that Kumar and Singh, both were of the view that the chiefs of CVC and CBI should be made members of the Lokpal for better functioning of the anti-graft watchdog.

While opposing the idea of bringing CBI and CVC under Lokpal, Kumar said, “CVC should be allowed to maintain its jurisdiction over higher bureaucracy and there should not be any change in the present vigilant system.”

Expressing his views, CBI Director Singh said, “There is no need to disintegrate CBI instead it should be empowered.”

Further putting his ideas on strengthening of CBI, Singh said the term of CBI Director should be limited to five years.