Lucknow: Probing into the murder case of two CMOs (Chief Medical Officer) of Family Welfare Department Dr Vinod Arya and Dr BP Singh, and the mysterious death of Deputy CMO Dr Y S Sachan within the jail premises, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is trying to explore the possibilities of a political link with these cases.

Following the cases closely, the CBI interrogated police team and jail authorities on Wednesday. Linking the three cases together, the agency interrogated two jail guards relating to the mysterious death of Dr Sachan in Lucknow jail.

It also sought implications regarding Sachan’s activities and people seen with him on the day of his death. Meanwhile, the CBI team has also questioned the assailants of the two CMOs regarding their political link. According to sources, the CBI wants to collect maximum possible details from shooters before taking them on remand.

The names of two legislators, one parliamentarian and a former minister have been linked in these three cases. The agency has also started investigating the reasons which led to the transfer of the Jailor from Jaunpur jail to Lucknow jail just few days before the murder.

The issue of resignation by two state ministers on moral grounds has caught the CBI officials by surprise. The investigation agency team is also trying to fathom out the reasons which prompted the two ministers to render their resignation.