Ranchi: Jharkhand has become synonymous with coal mines, but the rising illegal coal business in the state is continuously denting the government’s revenue. Every month the state government incurs loss to the tune of crores.

According to CBI investigation, Rs 2000-crore illegal business of coal takes place in Jharkhand and Bihar.  This malpractice involves over 200 registered businessmen.

During the investigation, a few names like Factory Pearl situated in Aurangabad, Maa Mundeshwari, Gyaan Industries and SR Industries in Aara, Cellar in Jharkhand and Balaji Industries etc have been found involved in this illegal business.

The domestic coal price is Rs 1250 metric tonne, while coal provided through e-auction is pegged at Rs 2,500 per metric tonne.

The mafia buys coals in the name of supplying it to domestic users. They promise to make them pollution free. Moreover, the companies which buy coals don’t stand physically. The businessmen buy coals at subsidized rates and sell them in the market at a double price, hence leading to illegal business of Rs 2,000 crore.

The CBI has sent recommendations to the Central government to stop this illegal practice.