New Delhi: After the refusal of the Denmark High Court to extradite Kim Davy, also known as Niels Holck and main accused in Purulia arms drop case, all doors have been closed for the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Though, the CBI has an option to appeal before the Denmark Supreme Court against the High Court’s verdict, the officials feel that it will not lead to any positive outcome.

According to a senior CBI official, Denmark has not extradited any of its citizens to date. “Though our expectations were raised after getting green signal from the Denmark government, the country’s refusal for Davy’s extradition on humanitarian grounds has dashed all our hopes.”

The CBI said it is startled at the concerns raised by the Denmark government. “Dismissal on the grounds of torture or other inhuman treatment in India is certainly shocking,” official said.

He also mentioned that written assurances of Davy’s safety by the Indian government and West Bengal Home Secretary also failed to get his extradition especially when the accused had to be in Indian jails only till the trial.

Sovereign assurances from India including that no death penalty would be imposed on him was clearly mentioned in the letter, he said.

The official also claimed that Denmark court’s verdict clearly indicates that the judgment was reserved beforehand.

Interestingly, Kim Davy admitted his involvement in the 1995 sensational arms dropping case.