New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is making all-out efforts to conduct trial of Danish national Niels Holck alias Kim Davy, the main accused in the 1995 Purulia arms drop case, in Denmark court.

Earlier this year, the Denmark High Court rejected CBI’s plea to extradite Davy. As a matter of fact before the hearing could start, Indian government already accepted the terms that Davy would face the court sentence in Denmark jail and stay in India during hearing of the trial.

Davy is accused of dropping AK-47 rifles, anti-tank grenade rocket launchers and over 25,000 rounds of ammunition over Purulia in West Bengal on the night of December 17, 1995. The CBI claims the weapons were meant for a sect, Ananda Marg, which wanted to revolt against West Bengal’s Left Front government.