New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has strongly opposed Rajesh and Nupur Talwar’s plea for closure of Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, saying that the agency had enough evidences to nail the couple.

After the Allahabad High Court rejected their plea, the couple has filed petition in the Supreme Court for closing the case. The SC will hear the case on Monday.

In its report filed by the investigating agency, the CBI has charged the couple for destroying and concealing evidences and presenting wrong information before the court.

After scanning the evidences presented in the lower court, the CBI in its 3500-page report stated that there was sufficient material to prima facie show the involvement of the Talwars in the twin murder case.

The Allahabad High Court issued summons and warrant as the doctor couple did not appear before the court.

According to the CBI, the court has all the powers to issue such directions and there is no legal flaw in the Ghaziabad court’s order of accusing them of murdering the duo.

The CBI also stated that Dr Rajesh Talwar did not suffer any such injury which prevented him from coming to the court.