Defence lawyer Tanveer Ahmed Mir told the court that CBI tampered with the pillow and pillow cover seized from Hemraj's room and purple colour pillow cover seized from Krishna's room.

"CBI filed photographs of these two exhibits before the Supreme Court, but when these exhibits were opened in the trial court they did not bear same stickers as seen in photographs filed before the apex court which indicate the tampering of exhibits," Mir argued.

Centre for DNA Fingerprints and Diagnostics (CDFD), which examined 56 exhibits at Hyderabad, first said that Hemraj's DNA was found on the purple pillow cover sized from Krishna's room, but in March 2011 it said that it was the result of typing error in the report, the lawyer said.

"This cannot be called typing error. Error is often occurred in single word, but here 'one error' changed the whole description which indicates that probe agency wants to implicate dentist couple in the case," said the defence lawyer.

Mir also alleged that golf clubs and its bag separately seized from Talwars' residence on October 30, 2009 were also tampered with.


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