New Delhi: The Union government’s nod on including the Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) under the ambit of the Lokpal has left the agency authorities in a ponderous mood.

According to reports, the CBI officials are now in deep worry as the independent existence of the agency has been questioned by the decision. Following which, they are busy showcasing the good works of the CBI for the past seven decades.

A senior CBI official said, “The CBI would be left with nothing after the emission of anti-corruption units.” He said, “90 percent of officers and employees are placed in the Anti Corruption Division in CBI while only 10 percent are employed in the Special Crime Investigation Cell, Interpol or other units. If the Anti Corruption Division is excluded from the CBI domain, the very existence of CBI will come to an end.”

Expressing concern on this issue, another senior CBI official said, “Even though CBI is placed under the Lokpal, its independent existence must not cease to exist.”

 “The CBI has made its individual identity as an investigation agency since decades, therefore it must be denied the due respect,” he added.