In a circular, the Central Board of Secondary Education said that a directive by the "Government of India" requires that all schools may frame a Mission Statement, containing the goals to be achieved by their institutions, while the nation approaches the 75th year after Independence in 2022.

"School Heads may also ensure that their school's Mission Statement prepared and prominently posted on the homepage of the schools’ website and reflected in all official publications on or before the first week of June 2016," the CBSE circular said.

Explaining the rationale behind the move, the CBSE circular said that when schools are building and working to sustain their image, one of the most important considerations is their mission.

"A well thought out and well drafted Mission Statement provides them the focus, direction and motivation to achieve excellence through their curriculum. It also represents their values, and thereby, influences the work culture for students, teachers and stakeholders," it added. The CBSE also issued guidelines, which suggested what a mission statement, which has to be formed by schools after discussions with students, teachers and parents, could be like.

"No more chalk and talk method. Every class in the school will have a class library and other learning resources for hands-on experiences in the next three years, and by 2022, the school will ensure improved learning levels of the students in all the classes in all subjects," said an exemplar Mission statement put forth by the CBSE.

It said that the "school will improve school attendance and performance by 20 per cent (from the present), every year, in the next 5 years, by taking initiatives to celebrate reading week, arithmetic or mathematics or science week, promoting peer learning by forming reading clubs and also promoting team teaching."

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