According to sources, the CBSE board on Thursday said that application for verification of marks could be made online between May 30 and June 5.

The CBSE has raised the bar of transparency in the evaluation system. The board reportedly said that the students applying for verification were eligible to apply for a photocopy of evaluated answer sheet. Those, who have obtained the photocopy, would only be eligible to apply for revaluation in the identified subject.

Until now, CBSE students were not allowed to verify whether the marks awarded for each question had been added correctly.

However, from this year onwards, the examinees can now seek a fresh evaluation of their answers of 10 questions in subjects such as English Core, Functional English, English Elective, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics and Accountancy.

Now, the practice of applying for verification of marks at designated schools has been done away with.