As part of School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA), schools affiliated with the Board will be assessed through standardized instruments and processes of internal (self-evaluation) and external assessment (peer review), CBSE said in a statement.
"While quality assessment plays a vital role in school education everywhere in the world, CBSE will be forming its core team of human agents to gauge the same," it said.
CBSE in its School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA) Manual has specified that the team carrying out the external evaluation shall be called Peer Assessor Team, which will involve suitably qualified and experienced individuals.

"CBSE aims at forming a team of principals, whether working or retired and educators with a hand-on experience and rich insight in the process of school education. This will be the most effective way to improve the quality of education in India," Director (Academics) CBSE Sadhana Parashar said.

To streamline the process of selection of Peer Assessors and make it more transparent, the Board has proposed to conduct an online screening test which will include Multiple Choice Questions based on School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA) Manual and Case Study.
This test will lend a hand to appoint cadre of effective an proficient Peer Assessors who are well-versed with CBSE SQAA and will thus be able to ensure maximum results, the statement said.

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