New Delhi: The last phase of anti-tobacco campaign by the Ministry of Health has got the support from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Ministry has organized a two-day national consultation meeting in the capital where the final agreement will be brought into effect.

National Tobacco Control Programme initiated by the Ministry of Health has chalked out its first stage of plan under which all the teachers would get the training.

The manual prepared for the teachers is designed in such a way which will help them to teach students about the harmful effects of tobacco use. The topics included in the manual are- how use of tobacco has led to increase in the number of cancer patients, difficulties faced by the affected families and legal provisions attached to this.

The manual also mentions about passive smoking assigning much importance to it. In addition, it mentions how students should be taught to convince older family members to quit the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco.

The increase in number of tobacco users in schools forced the Ministry to start the drive.
The meet was attended by international experts, people from different states, Central government and judiciary.

Meanwhile, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) also agrees with the campaign. A senior official of CBSE schools has said that few CBSE schools are already tobacco free.