New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): Central Board of Secondary Education has come up with a novel way to evaluate and promote students from class IX to class X. Instead of depending on just grades in academic subjects, a student will also be marked on the basis of his performance in extra-curricular activities.

In a first, the CBSE has decided that students scoring grades below the passing marks in any two subjects will be passed to the next class if they perform well in extra-curricular activities in school.

CBSE has sent directions regarding the rule to all schools which actually aims at the creative development of students.

“In class IX exams, focus will be on awareness about surroundings, decision making ability, creative thinking, conversation making skills, behaviour with class mates, caring for environment and moral values,” MC Sharma, an examination controller of CBSE said.

He added that students, who score a grade below the passing mark in up to two subjects will be passed if they score higher than 34 out of a maximum of 42 extracurricular points that all students will be graded on. Those getting between 19 and 33 grade points of curricular activities will be passed in any one subject that they have failed.

These include 15 points for life skills, 15 for attitudes and values, 6 for co-curricular activities and 6 for health and physical education. There will be separate mention of health and physical education in the report card.

If a student is unable to get even grade D in a subject and is unable to perform in curricular activities either, he will then not be promoted to the next class.