New Delhi: With a view to enable students getting passing marks in History, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has changed the format of Class XII History paper.
Considering the mental levels of students, the Board has prepared new format for History paper. It will be introduced in 2012 board exams.

Education Officer Sugandha Sharma released the new format of History paper which would contain questions of different level - 30 percent easy, 50 percent average and 20 percent difficult questions.

The former pattern had eight marks for long answer question. The answers were to be written in 250 words only. With the change in the format, the word limit has been extended to 500 and the mark for each question has been increased to 10. While, there is no change in the number of long answer questions, there will be only two questions.

Adding to this, there will be eight short answer type questions which will carry five marks each. Also, three very short answer type questions will carry two marks each.
Earlier, there were five questions under very short answer questions.

In the new format, there will be three paragraph based questions carrying eight marks. For labeling of map, there will be two questions which will be of five marks each.
In effect, there will be total of 18 questions for total marks of 100.