The OTBA was introduced in schools this March. Under the OTBA, students are provided with written materials months in advance. Later, during the examination, students are allowed to refer to it while answering the questions. The OTBA aims at instilling analytical and theoretical skills in the students and lessening the burden of cramming on students.

For class IX, the OTBA materials have been released for all main subjects including English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, while for class XI, the text material is available for Geography, Economics and Biology. The OTBA will be applicable only to these subjects this year. The board has released a single research based article for each subject. To understand these articles, students will have to think and analyze it carefully.

The OTBA study material, which has been released for class IX Science, is fully based on the Uttarakhand tragedy. It also explains the adverse effects of heavy rains and air pollution in detail.


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