New Delhi: Prashant Bhushan, one of the members of the joint committee that would draft the Lokpal Bill, said on Sunday that the CD, carrying purported telephonic conversation between Shanti Bhushan, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh showing attempts at influencing a judge, was doctored.

The CD has been subjected to forensic tests in two laboratories. One in the US and other in Hyderabad and both the laboratories have confirmed “clear signs of doctoring”, he said here while speaking to media persons.

“I would file a defamation case against Amar Singh for Contempt of Supreme Court and using forged documents,” said Bhushan.

According to the eminent lawyer, “this is an effort to malign the image of Shanti Bhushan and influence two important cases pending in the Apex Court under the same judge shown in the tapes".  The tapes claim that Shanti Bhushan was influencing the judge.

He said that the judge named in the CD had given orders in cases related to Amar Singh tape case in 2006 and cancellation of 2G licences. “It seems the main motive of the tape is to remove the judge from those cases,” he mentioned.

“It appears to me that the first part of this conversation where Amar Singh said that Shanti Bhushanji mere pas baithe hain, but Shanti Bhushan clearly said that he had never met Amar Singh, adding that parts of the Amar-Mulayam conversation were from the Amar Singh tapes, recorded before February 2006.

“The doctoring of the CD has the backing of some powerful people from Central government,” said Prashant Bhushan.

Bhushan demanded that instead of Delhi Police a separate agency should probe the case.

However, when asked to explain why his father was heard talking about four crore, he said," Four crore my father must have said in some context. How could one remember in which context he said four crore? That four crore has been cut from somewhere and pasted because just before that word four crore, as per what Truth Lab report will tell you, there is a cut so the whole thing is a cut-and-paste job."