New Delhi: Friendship Day is around the corner and you are still mulling over ideas to celebrate the day with your close buddies. Don’t give the day a miss under the heavy list of your work schedule for the upcoming Sunday and unite to revive those good old days all over again.

It’s a promise; the experience will be savored for days.

1.    Go on a trip to a far off place like a hill station, beach resort or an adventure park

2.    If not much time in hand, have a good time together at a disc, restaurant , water park or a fun and food village (Keep a dress code to create that gang identity).

3.    Watch a film together

4.    Call for a pajama party at a friend’s place packed with movies, indoor games, and loads of food.

5.    Instead of splurging on costly gifts, go for a single article like T-shirt etc in same design or all your friends.

6.    Unite for a cause like pay a visit to an old age home, orphanage or a religious visit like temple etc.


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