New Delhi: Cheers to Womanhood! Yes we can. It’s that time of the year again the male-dominated world would raise a toast to celebrate the 'Naari Shakti'.

She may have been quite a chatter-box, the one who cribs about her office politics, but she knows when you want to be in silence and she would have done unthinkable and stood by you when you had nobody- this is the power of woman.

And today, when the world celebrates International Women’s Day, it is the time to make up for not being able to spend quality time with her.

So here are 10 things to do on Women’s Day so much women and their male cherish and celebrate womanhood. So here goes!

5 things to do on Women’s Day for women:

Rediscover yourself: Hectic work schedules and demanding pressures to look after family totally block you from giving time to yourself. Take some time out and discover yourself. Go out, shop till you drop or pamper yourself at spa. Indulge yourself in cooking or participate in a food show and treat yourself with scrumptious meals. Awaken your spiritual side or simply try some exercise by doing yoga.

Show gratitude to God: Being born as a woman is a gift from God in itself. On woman’s day, make a point to show gratitude towards the God for this bliss. Visit a temple, a church and thank God for giving you a life of a woman to make other’s lives beautiful. God is the creator of nature, so show respect to God by planning a date with nature – visit a park, do some gardening or tree plantation.

Say Thanks: Take out some time to reach out women around you and thank them. Call your mom and tell her how precious she is, send your childhood friend a box of chocolate, take your daughter out for lunch, treat your mother-in-law with a cuisine, send your female-colleague a nice email. Say thanks to a woman who helped make your life beautiful or who did some good things to you.

Meet your buddies: Meet your old friends! plan a get together, arrange for a kitty party or invite your long lost friends at home but take out relive the good-old memories with your friends. Search your lost schools friends on networking sites and plan a lunch, have a coffee and gossip!

Stay alert, know your rights: With growing crime against women, give some time to search about your rights and acts - Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Act against Eve teasing, Anti dowry act etc. Talk about your rights with an expert, discuss about any social issue against women or pledge yourself to stand against injustice towards women.


Ten things to do on Women’s Day for men:

Say thanks: It is the perfect day to amend your mistake for not able to give your woman – wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, friend – quality time. On International Women’s Day, just show gratitude towards the women, who helped you grow what you are – say THANKS. Send a beautiful mail to your wife, take her out for dinner or surprise her by cooking for her, gift your mom a saree or send a box of chocolate to your sister and make her feel special.

Pledge to respect women: Pledge to yourself to respect woman’s dignity and give her the desired space in life. Show respect to every woman. It can be in a metro by offering seat to a lady or opening a door of the car for a lady, sharing the workload of household with your wife or mother.

Support a cause for women: Women’s day is not just about acknowledging womanhood, you should also support and protect her to fight for her rights. Tap in today and see what you can do to help a woman. Support a cause for women, raise your voice against sexism, violence and crime against women. Participate in campaigns for women, volunteer in any show to support a woman.

Change your own mind: On this Women’s Day, commit to a small change. Hold your tongue! Try to change your mind about women being gossipmongers, chicks, betties and weak.

Be a Mentor: Young women need help navigating this society successfully. Reach out to your sister, a younger colleague, a friend to help them fight for their justice. Find ways to connect to them, guide them in their paths.

(Shivani Vig/JPN)

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