There are many celebs who caught the attention of the media either due to their addiction to intoxicants or their alleged purchase. Even though the controversies around their names settled down with time, their career graphs plunged overtime.

Let’s have a look:

1. Fardeen Khan:

Fardeen Khan was caught buying cocaine on 5 May 2001 in Juhu area of Mumbai. He was arrested under Section 27 of NDPS Act and was let off after de-addiction stint.

2 Apurva Agnihotri and Shilpa Agnihotri:

Television actors and real life couple Apurva and Shilpa were picked up from a rave party in March 2013. The couple was accused of consuming party drugs at a suburban hotel.

3. Rahul Mahajan:

Rahul Mhaajan, son of the deceased BJP leader Pramod Mahajan was hospitalised after an alleged cocaine overdose on 3 June 2006.  He is said to have imbibed a cocktail of drugs along with champagne. Rahul had to be kept on ventilator support to save his life. He was later arrested by Delhi Police for illegal drug possession and consumption.

4. Sanjay Dutt:

The Munnabhai has confessed that he was addicted to drugs for nine years. From cocaine to heroin, he had tried the most notorious toxins. He was sent to a US rehabilitation centre by his father, late Sunil Dutt. Sanjay had to spend few months in jail for illegal possession of drugs.

5. Sussanne Khan:

Sussanne Khan, the estranged wife of superstar Hrithik Roshan, is rumoured to be a drug addict. Reportedly, it is considered one of the reasons for her split with hubby dear.

6. Mamta Kulkarni:

The former actress, Mamata Kulkarni was arrested for alleged drug trafficking in Kenya with husband Vicky Goswami. Reportedly, Kulkarni and other members of the drug syndicate participated in a meeting held on 8 January, 2016 in Mombasa, Kenya where the logistics involved in transporting ephedrine were discussed. Another meeting was held on 8 April in Dubai where two persons from Morocco were present along with Goswami and Kulkarni.

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