Mumbai: A look at celeb-mommas who took the 'frump' out of pregnant fashion While you are allowed to throw tantrums when you are pregnant, hormonal ups and downs are no reason to look all frumpy.

And when you have all the money and fashion designers in the world at your disposal as a celebrity, critics will obviously scan every move.



Kajol Beyonce

Kajol:The six-month-pregnant actress opted to go traditional for the book launch of the now-late Gautam Rajadhyaksha.

While international celebrities fare well on the mom-dressing part, their Indian counter parts still have a long way to go. Other than being at her glam best at the 2011 Video Music Awards, Beyonc e even sported a frilly white bikini paired with silver gladiator flats in her pregnant glory.

It is also a good time for fashion conscious mums-to-be as many trends on international ramps (other than the ever increasing size of heels) are perfect buys for the occasion.

Beyonce: The five-month-pregnant singer wore an orange Kaftan dress by Lanvin to the MTV VMAs

Some of these include wide-legged pants that can keep you super comfy, maxi dresses which have been sported by celebrities like Jessica Alba who wore a black one during the Spy kids 4 premier, before she give birth to her second daughter and long Grandma jackets.


Carla Bruni
Victoria Bekham

Carla Bruni: A heavily pregnant Carla, France's First Lady, at the G8 Summit, earlier this year.

Here's a look at whom we liked and who need to change their stylist.Second time mother, Kajol got the silhouette right with this flowy kurta and skinny bottom. But the striped front ruin the effort and make the dress look like a tent instead. As for the footwear, mid-heel wedges are a safe option if you absolutely have to wear heels.

Victoria Beckham: Seven-month-pregnant Victoria Beckham wore her own creation to the Royal Wedding.

Somehow the fact that she was a super model and a beauty queen seem like a joke after looking at this picture. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks the best in saris and her one time favourite Anarkali dresses which she wore everywhere. So why leave them behind now and wear this shapeless poncho like top? The horizontal stripes are adding to the disaster.

The richest couple in the music industry in US are expecting a kid so nothing less than this cut-away silk and crepe Lanin gown in orange could have been expected from Beyonce. The colour adds to her motherhood glow and a stylish side-swept hairdo with diamonds dangling from her ears finish the look.