London: Singer Celine Dion's 10-year-old son Rene-Charles gets his schooling lessons via Skype while she is busy touring.
The 43-year-old ensures that her son doesn't fall back on his education and so enlists the help of a tutor via the internet telephone chat service.
Dion also has 11-month-old twins, Eddy and Nelson, with husband Rene Angelil.
"When he's in Vegas, he gets his lessons via Skype. I really appreciate that his school is open to technology," Dion said.
The singer also said it is hard raising three children, especially because the youngest two are twins and she is not able to give them all the attention she wants to.
"I would do it all over again, but it's much more difficult to have two than one baby. It's not as though it's just twice the number of meals, it's twice as hard. It'd another world. They want to be held and comforted. But when you have two, you always feel bad having to put one down to console the other one. It breaks your heart," Dion added.