Mihir Joshi released his album 'Mumbai Blues' in 2014, and recently a popular entertainment house approached the CBFC to get approval for a video of one of his songs. CBFC but to Mihir Joshi's astonishment the word 'bombay' was beeped

On Sunday the singer and musician tweeted "Oh by the way, if you're wondering what word our great censor board thought needed to be bleeped out of "Sorry" for TV...it is "Bombay"!.The singer and composer also clarified and said," I used the word because it fit in the lyrics".

Mihir Joshi's tweet managed to grab eyeballs of thousands of twitterites and was a hot topic of discussion on the micro-blogging site with the use of  hastag#Bombay being sparked among the twitter uses.

The CBFC's decision was highly disliked by the people. Although the recently appointed current chairperson of the censor board, Pahlaj Nihalani clarified that the decision regarding the removal of the word 'Bombay' from the song was made by the previous chairperson Leela Samson.

He further said that “The city is no more called ‘Bombay'; no sensible writer will employ that word to address the city.” He also added “Government has issued a guideline to CBFC that disallows the use of the word ‘Bombay’.


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