A source says, "The subject of the film is bit sensitive so we were expecting objection and cuts. However, it was a bit surprising to see that they have a problem with words such as 'saala', 'kambakht' and 'musalmaano' which are very commonly used. But, since we have to release our film without any problems, we agreed to beep them."

Producer Sajjad Chunawala says, "Yes, we had to beep out 'saala', 'kambakht' and 'musalmaano' in the film after the objection was raised."

In the past, it was reported that the Censor Board members had called maulavis and pandits for screening of the film. After their opposition to few scenes, they asked the producer to cut it out.

Later, however, the officials issued a statement saying that it is not true and that they did not consult any religious gurus. A source says, "Sometime ago an Islamic organisation wrote a letter to the board asking them to change the poster as they had issue with scull cap and gesture of one of the characters on the poster. The production had to give into their demands and make the necessary changes."

Now, apparently, some Hindu group too has some objection and are going to write a letter to Censor Board.



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