Noida: He is the Don of Bhojpuri films who hogged the limelight and was seen on the national platform when he entered the house of Bigg Boss, Season 4. A person who needs no further introduction, Manoj Tiwari, is unarguably the Bhojpuri superstar who has won the hearts of people across India with his simplicity and attachment to his soil.

Expressing his concern over the Bhojpuri film industry’s falling graph, the multi-talented actor in an exclusive interview with Dainik Jagran said, “Although the Bhojpuri film industry is doing pretty well, there is tremendous scope for improvement. There are few films and songs churned out every year which have double meaning and are a bit cheap and sleazy. To stop this, two things are a must- a censor board for Bhojpuri films and showcasing our films in multiplexes.”

Elaborating on the second point he said, “In Maharashtra there is a mandatory rule to screen at least 100 Marathi films in multiplexes. Most of the states follow this rule. If a similar rule is passed in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the turnover of our industry would increase manifolds.”

“Also a censor is a must to stop those people who are using this industry to promote sleaze. Out true regional culture which should be highlighted in Bhojpuri films is getting lost somewhere in a bid to attract audience by promoting films with double meaning dialogues,” the actor added.

A multi-talented personality, Manoj Tiwari is not only an actor but also a singer, TV presenter, music director and lyricist. When asked which role does he enjoy the most he said, “Singing is my passion. I started my career as a Bhajan singer and then became an actor. I am a composer as well. I write lyrics also. In fact I have sung 4,000 songs and out of these have written lyrics for 2,500.”

Getting nostalgic, the Bhojpuriya Don said, “I am basically from Kanpur, Kannauj. And Dainik Jagran was the first newspaper I started reading.”

Speaking on his upcoming film projects he said, “Dayaavan is my next film to hit the theatres. This film shows that even a thief has a heart. There’s a ‘Dayaavan’ within all of us which finds expression only when the situation demands. I am also doing a mainstream Bollywood film ‘Hamid’ where I am playing the lead role. This film will be officially announced in February.”

Having tasted success with his very first film in 2003 ‘Sasura Bada Paise Wala’ Manoj Tiwari believes that judging oneself is the only success formula. “Judge yourself as you are your best critic. Identify your strengths and act on those lines. That is what I did. Also humbleness is very important.”

Nuzhat Nasreen