However Uttar Pradesh comprises 30 percent of the country’s poor, Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party government have no truck with the counting of the people belonging to lower crust of the society. The previous BSP ruling establishment in the state also followed the same suit. Even basic data for poverty statistics could not be collected in UP.

The UPA government had started the process of counting the poor people in its second term, which was considered a very sensitive politically. However, lots of states still do not pay much heed to it.

Social, economical and caste based census stated in 2011 with deadline of a year, but it has not been completed yet, depriving the poor of development.

Most of the states are said to be unaware of the latest census that make them unable to figure out the exact counting of the poor, which lands many social welfare schemes in jeopardy.

The UPA and its allies are claiming for eradication of poverty and uplifting of the poor in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections but all these promises have been made on decade-old census.

The Food Security Bill, considered a big achievement for the UPA in its second term, facilitates a large section of the needy population to afford food at very reasonable prices.

Under the Food Security Bill, the people below poverty line will be given 35 kilos of food grains monthly whereas the rest will be given 25kilos. But the truth is that benefits of Food Security Bill are restrained to a few states only.

The absence of updated census has held back these schemes and as a result the poor are still deprived.

In the similar vein, the poor are deprive of housing amenities in the northern states of the country owing to the lack of updated census, which makes ‘Indira Awas Yojna’ bite dust. Besides these, the needy are also deprived of health insurance and pension facilities.


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