Hong Kong: After charming scores of fans with his amazing feats, centenarian British-Indian athlete Fauja Singh, known as the "Turbaned Torpedo" surprised the Hong Kongers after completing a 10-kilometre run on Sunday.

"The weather was very pleasant, I enjoyed the race very much," Singh, popularly known as the "Turbaned Torpedo", said after crossing the finishing line at the Hong Kong marathon in nearly one hour and 34 minutes.

Singh, who attributes his fitness to a healthy lifestyle totally insulated from stuffs like cigarette and alcohol, raised 2,00,000 Hong Kong dollars (USD25,800) for a charity through the event.

Ironically, Singh achieved the feat in an event where a 26-year-old male runner fainted after completing the race and was declared "brought dead" in the hospital.

Born on April 1, 1911, Singh claims to be world's oldest marathoner but has so far been denied of an entry into the Guinness World Records as the runner has failed to produce his birth certificate.

Singh has participated in various international events including the 2003 London Marathon, where he recorded his current personal best time of 6 hours and 2 minutes.

He was given the "Pride of India" award last year by a UK-based organisation for his achievements.