Lucknow: Citing failure of Uttar Pradesh Police in providing appropriate security to Congress star campaigner Rahul Gandhi, the central government has decided to dispatch Central Reserve Police Force to replace the state police.

Keeping recent agitations in mind, Center has decided to send two companies of CRPF in UP for Rahul’s security.

The 200 CRPF personal in these companies are expert in VIP security and they will be deployed in the outermost layer to replace UP Police cops, while the Special Protection Group (SPG) continues to closely guard the Congress General Secretary.

Earlier, UP government was responsible for the security of Rahul’s programmes in the state.

On several occasions in the recent times Rahul’s security was breached. While campaigning in Allahabad, Samajwadi Party workers managed to break the cordon to show black flags to the star campaigner.
Similar incidents occurred in other cities as well and now the Centre has decided to pad up the security with the central forces.

On the other hand, state government has complained that Rahul frequently breaks his security cover by moving around without informing the security officials and they should not be held responsible for any untoward incident.