New Delhi: The Central government is planning to give financial package for the development of Telangana region instead of carving out a separate state.

Top officials with the Home Ministry held meeting on Tuesday, but the final decision would be taken in the cabinet meeting on Thursday. Home Ministry would also present the detailed report on the political situation of Andhra Pradesh in the cabinet meeting.

“As per discussions held with different political parties and reports by intelligence agencies, carving out separate Telangana state at present is not feasible,” Home Ministry official said. But it would be unjustified to ignore the sentiments of youths and residents of Telangana, he added.

In both the situations- creation of Telangana and ignoring the sentiments of peoples- there could be chance of violent protests, intelligence agencies reported. That’s why government is trying to find an alternative by giving financial package for the development of the region.

Under the financial package, an autonomous development council like Bodoland and Gorkhaland can be constituted. The move can solve the problems of the region to some extent, the official said.


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