New Delhi: The Union Government has felt the need for new National Policy on Education after 24 years, as the policy formulated in 1986 during the regime of the then Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi is unable to meet the present global challenges and employment standards.
Considering the present needs, the Centre does not want to cause further delay in introducing a new educational policy.
According to sources, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has involved the formulation of new National Education Policy in its agenda. “The government believes that education policy formulated in 1986 does not fit into the context of current educational scenario nor can it meet the present day employment requirements,” they said.
Even as the Policy on Education was modified in 1992, it is unfit to face the current challenges on educational front. “In such circumstances, a new National Policy on Education is required which can not only fulfill the present educational requirements but also be efficient to meet the global educational challenges,” sources said.
Notably, during a national level conference of Vice Chancellors organised by the University Grant Commission (UGC) in March, the V-Cs had also recommended for the new educational policy at the earliest.
Sources said the Union Government is serious on the issue and so it has incorporated it in the Cabinet agenda. “The Centre will also consider other recommendations of the Vice-Chancellors made during the conference,” they added.
JPN/Rajkeshwar Singh