New Delhi: Sushil Kumar, a resident of Delhi’s Sarojani Nagar, once served as a first class officer in the Union Ministry of Water Resource but it’s his unfavourable destiny which forced him to beg in the streets of the national capital.

He was praised for his honesty in his office and retired from his post after a spotless career during his stint in the government service. But he was unaware of the fact that his uncompromising stand would not suit the family after his retirement.

Kumar retired from his office in 2012 and upon returning home, he was misbehaved by his children. The rude and unsympathetic behaviour from his daughter and son forced him to leave home. Since then, he has been living at Sarojani bus stand for the past eight months.

Having no source of income, Kumar survives on the food offered by passersby and often he is seen begging in the vicinity.

When Sarojani Nagar Mini Market head Ashok Randhawa learnt about the ordeals of Sushil Kumar, he went on to meet him and tried to mediate between Kumar and his kin to ensure his return to his family.

Sushil Kumar justifies his decision to leave home saying that his son and daughter quarreled with him over issues like his earnings and his contribution to his family towards the end of his job. On his retirement, the problem turned even worst.

Now, he very calmly mentions that even after facing so many difficulties on the streets, he had no intention to return back to his family.