New Delhi: The Central and Chhattisgarh governments are leaving no stone unturned to get the Sukma district collector released from the captivity of Naxals.

In this regard, the Home Ministry on Tuesday called a meeting of senior officials from the Central and state governments to discuss the hostage crisis and plan the future course of action.

As per the sources, the meeting was held primarily to discuss the joint strategy of the state and Centre for the immediate and safe release of Alex Paul Menon who was abducted by the Maoists last Saturday.

On Tuesday, Chhattisgarh Additional Director General of Police (Operations) along with the Inspector General (Intelligence) especially flew to Delhi to discuss the developments and further strategy with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.

“The government prefers to resolve the issue through negotiation. Menon’s health is reported to be in bad condition as he is asthmatic. So, we will ask the Naxals to give regular updates about his health,” said a senior official after the meeting.

As per the Intelligence reports, Menon’s health condition is deteriorating day-by-day due to asthmatic attacks and improper medication. Hence, the authorities had on Tuesday rushed medicines for him. In such a condition, the Maoists will not be in a position to keep the Collector as hostage for a longer period. Hence, immediate settlement is expected soon.

When asked about police action in the issue, a senior official said, “It would be the last option for us. At first we are looking forward for effective negotiations between both the parties.”

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry and the state government appeared in no mood to release the eight Naxals demanded by the Maoists in exchange for Menon.

CRPF DG Vijay Kumar and IG Pankaj Kumar were also present in the meeting. They told the Home Minister that the Naxal activities in the region are being monitored through unmanned surveillance aircraft and with the help of locals engaged in the Intelligence network.