New Delhi: Irked over the sluggishness of the states in the execution of schemes related to progress of minorities, Union Government has come up with a software for an online monitoring of these projects. States and districts will have to furnish the details of these projects online, which will help the Centre in keeping a constant watch over the developments through this software.

Centre has started creating pressure on the states to use the services of this software. According to sources, apart from online monitoring there is no other way to keep watch on the development projects being carried out in the 90 minority dominated districts of the country.

Keeping the past experiences in mind, Union Ministry of Minority Affairs has developed the software. With the help of this software, the progress level of projects can be monitored on a ministry, state and district level. Using the online system, Centre can interfere in districts having slow progress rate.

Sources claimed that a Union Government and states have wasted a lot of time in writing letters to each other, therefore adopting the software is the best solution to the problem.

Under the development schemes in minority dominated 90 districts, projects related to roads construction, electricity, water supply, post- office, schools and Indira Awaas, are being carried out.