New Delhi: The government on Tuesday disagreed with Wipro Chairman Azim Premji's remarks about "complete absence of decision making" in the government but said "we need to rectify that impression" as opinions of the esteemed industrialist matter.
"I cannot agree with any statement which says that there is lack of governance. I cannot agree with that perception at all," Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni told reporters.
"....It may be his perception. The idea is that we need to rectify that impression of Azim Premji because he is a very esteemed member of society and an established industrialist. So his opinion matters," Soni said.
She was responding to questions on Premji's remarks made in Bangalore where he said "complete absence of decision making" in the government is the biggest concern for the country and warned that growth would suffer if prompt corrective action is not taken.
The Minister said that even if government feels the impression or statement of Premji does not really reflect the reality, it will make extra efforts to rectify that.
Pointed out the issue of lack of corporate governance or governance in general has been raised earlier also, she said the government in office always remains sensitive to people's voice and stressed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself has responded to some of these concerns.
"The Prime Minister is himself taking cognisance of what people have expressed in statements or through movements. He, himself has been sensitive and has responded to some of these concerns in his public speeches given at different fora," Soni said, adding the attempt of the government is to take issues to their logical conclusion in the next two and half years remaining of UPA 2.

Soni said the last few weeks have seen lot of proposals, which were pending before the Cabinet, being cleared.
"In a democracy the government in office always remains sensitive to the people's voice and that's how it should be provided that voice is institutionalised and reflects the reality. It works both ways. I think the government is not insensitive," the minister said.
Acknowledging that there have been movements in recent times in which people in general have participated and voiced certain anguish, Soni said, "What they (people) feel is that there are issues which should be addressed at a more accelerated pace by the government in office, whether it is state government or government at Centre."
Replying to questions on black money, she said that now some "concrete proofs" of what the government has been saying about bringing back black money stashed away in foreign banks, are coming to fore.
She was replying to a question whether new informations coming to fore about people holding accounts in foreign banks are because of the pressure built up on the agencies concerned.
"Finance Minister had himself explained all those steps Government of India has been taking for a long time. It was also told it is legally necessary to sign treaties with some countries. This process was on for a long time," Soni said.
"Government has made bilateral arrangements with many countries to get information on tax matters and other financial issues. We have been saying Government of India was taking concrete measures to gather information and to deal with those who have violated the country's law. Now some concrete proofs of all these actions are before you. Let us see what comes forward next," she said.