New Delhi: In a move to prevent untimely deaths due to absence of organ transplantation facility in hospitals, the Central government has established Model Organ Procurement and Distributing Organisation (MOPDO) at Safdarjung hospital in the national capital.

On the occasion of Indian Organ Donation Day, SK Agarwal, senior doctor at Nephrology Department of AIIMS, said, “MOPDO will help to augment the cadaveric transplant (from deceased donors). It will help to create awareness about the government policies and legal aspects of organ transplantation.”

“Besides, it will also assist in catering the demands during emergency cases,” said Agarwal.  He informed that the Centre will become functional within two months. Meanwhile, surgeons for organ transplantation are going through special training.

According to Agarwal, MOPDO will gradually be expanded from state level to district level hospitals. The MOPDO centre in New Delhi will keep all records of the transplant surgeries conducted in associated hospitals.

Notably, each year more than three lakh patients require organ transplantation with majority suffering from renal problems followed by liver and heart.