New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, on Tuesday accused the Uttarakhand government and the Centre of failing to manage post flood operations. The Leader of Opposition slammed the government for not arriving at correct figure of dead and missing even after a month of disaster.
"Even a month after the tragedy, the state and the central government have not been able to arrive at the correct figure of those dead and missing," she said in a prayer meeting held at Delhi BJP headquarters for those who died in Uttarakhand floods a month ago.
Sushma said the government had ‘completely failed’ in anticipating and managing this disaster at all levels. "The Centre has not taken any efforts to determine the fate of the affected families," she said.
The BJP leader praised the Army men for saving lakhs of people and paid tributes to the 20 Airmen, who died during the rescue operations. BJP state chief Vijay Goel handed over a sum of Rs 45,59,213 to Swaraj for the flood victims.


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