New Delhi: Admitting to the inherent weaknesses in its existing infrastructure, the Central government is preparing a draft of National Telecom Security Policy to overhaul the security apparatus and prevent terrorists from using the loopholes in the sector.

As per the proposed draft, the entire Information Technology and Telecommunication machinery have been categorized under 5-tier security cover. The policy points at zero tolerance and safe to connect measures.

In addition, the telecom companies would be required to install 50 percent indigenous equipments in their networks. 

It is well established that the most vital clues to every single bomb blast finally come through two sources - telephone calls made from or near the target and eyewitness accounts.

The telecommunication security would become mandatory. During the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the terrorists had used mobile phone, fake sim cards, wi-fi system and satellite phones to interact with each other.

As per the 5-tier security set up, the test and certification of telecommunication equipment has been made mandatory at the first level.

Local area network is on the second level, which includes local mobile network, local basic and wi-fi network, local internet network and internet cloud (file storing facility on the general web).

Under the new policy, the intelligence agencies would be given more rights to monitor these.

Since over 80 percent of the mobile phones are served by private telecom networks, the involvement of the private sector would be key in the policy.
The national and the international telecom network are on the fourth and fifth level respectively.

Safe to connect policy will be implemented for the National telecom networks under which, companies will install only testified and certified equipments. 

The regular security audit of the telecom networks, the inspection of viruses and hacking would be part of the new policy.

Several measures have been incorporated in the new policy for securing the economic interest and the sovereignty of the nation.