"Can i have food of my choice? Extreme dictatorial tendencies. They want to control everythng," Kejriwal tweeted. He was referring to reports that the Ministry of Home Affairs, in a letter to him, has stated that the Chief Minister does not have the powers to issue suspension orders on his own.
The Chief Minister had recently issued an order suspending his principal secretary Rajendra Kumar, who has been arrested by the CBI over charges of corruption.
As per government rules, an IAS officer who remains in police custody for more than 48 hours, is “deemed to have been suspended”, automatically.
Alluding to Navjot Singh Sidhu's resignation from Rajya Sabha, Kejriwal tweeted that honest people are feeling "suffocated" within BJP due to "dictatorial attitude" of its top leadership.

"Honest n gud people are feeling extremely suffocated within BJP due to dictatorial attitude of its top leadership," he said in another tweet. Yesterday, he had "saluted" Sidhu's decision to relinquish his membership of the Upper House.

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