New Delhi: The Central government has asked pharmaceutical companies not to press their demands for the approval of proposed new phrama policy to cap prices of drugs and 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment in the sector.

Addressing a seminar, the Union Minister of Chemical and Fertiliser Srikant Jena said, “It is not only the pharma sector where cost has to be decided, rather other industries also need to be taken into consideration regarding the cost of their products. Therefore, companies should not force government to approve the new draft on pharma.”

However, the industrialists present in the seminar complained that the government prepared the draft without discussing it with the companies.

Speaking on the medicines that need to be included in the national list, Jena said all 348 medicines which need to be enlisted are important but it is to be decided which medicines are essential for the masses.

 “The main priority of the government is to provide medicines to the poor at reasonable prices. It is due to this reason the government is not keen for 100 percent FDI in pharma sector,” said Jena