Srinagar: The ruling establishment at the Centre and Jammu and Kashmir government have entered in a dispute over the fund allocated for Madrasa. At a time when both the government are in tussle over the fund released by the union ministry, Madrasas have denied any monetary assistance so far.

According to the Union Ministry of Human Resources, an amount to the tune of Rs 5 crore was released in 2010-11 for 372 Madrasas. However, the ruling government in Jammu and Kashmir claimed that it has received Rs 3.74 crore for 362 Madrasas only.

On the other hand, the administrators of Madrasas have said that the institutes included in the government list have not yet availed any financial support from the state government.

Meanwhile, the Education Secretary of the state, Naseema Lankar, has informed that names of few Madrasas have been repeated twice in the list. Though she assured of rectifying the error, she failed to explain as to why Education Minister Peerzada Maohammed Sayed sought to review the list again.

Demanding probe into the matter, religious outfits in the state have laid stress on declaring the names of those officials who have revived more than Rs 7 crore for the development of Madrasas.