New Delhi: Fighting for more teeth to remove  irregularities which were continuing in telecom sector for the last 14 years, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) may now get a significant shot in its arm when the Central government, whose credibility has touched the nadir in the wake of 2G scam, decided to give TRAI the jurisdiction of a civil court.

Sources in the Ministry said the government will table TRAI Law Amendment Bill in the monsoon session. If the Bill is passed, TRAI will enjoy the jurisdiction of a civil court and can tighten the noose around telcos, which are flaunting the norms.

By adding new Section (12C) to TRAI law, the regulatory body will be able to work like a civil court enabling it to summon any defaulter, ask for documents, seek affidavits, and inquire suspects.

After approval of the Bill, TRAI will be able to take statutory action against erring telemarketing companies .

Under the new provision, TRAI will impose a penalty on the companies, which violate terms and regulations of licences.

Besides this, TRAI would be able to probe the telecommunications network and check the equipments related with interconnections.

The Bill, whose draft has already been prepared, will help in curbing scams like 2G spectrum in future, sources said.

JPN/ Anshuman Tiwari